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The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, City of Prague, and

The World Technology Network present:



ICGAI will no longer be held as an in-person conference in May 2021 in Prague but has evolved into a virtual event/speaker series.

Event 1: ICGAI: Catalyzing Cooperation: Working Together Across AI Governance Initiatives



Event 2: ICGAI: Meaningful Inclusivity and Effective Governance of the AI Revolution



Welcome to the website of the International Congress for the Governance of AI (ICGAI), convened by the World Technology Network, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (CCEIA), City of Prague, IEEE, PwC, The Club of Madrid, The Hastings Center, GoodAI, Prague AI, Global Digital Policy Incubator, Stanford University, Assuring Autonomy International Programme, University of York, Observer Research Foundation, Schwarz Reisman Institute for Technology & Society, University of Toronto, Botner Foundation, Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, Yale University, and the Taihe Institute. 


ICGAI is a collaborative initiative directed at catalyzing an agile and comprehensive governance network for artificial intelligence. It brings together representatives of governments, industry, international organizations, universities, research centers, leaders of underserved nations and communities, and other stakeholders. A full list of organizers, chairs, and Advisors can be found in the Advisors section below or via the side menu.


Originally based around inclusive, high-level planning meetings held in 2018 and 2019 in New York and Geneva, as well as a series of high-level workshops held in various cities around the world in early 2020, ICGAI’s main focal gathering was planned as a large, in-person conference scheduled to be held in Prague in April 2020, and then re-scheduled to 2021 in the face of the global pandemic. An extraordinary group of the world's leading AI, ethics, and governance thinkers and doers (click here for a full list) were participating in the original Prague event.

To avoid further delay and to move forward at the wishes of many, ICGAI has now transformed into a virtual event/speaker series to be held on a rolling basis beginning in March 2021.


Mindful that many of you are exhausted by online events, we are using this format sparingly and largely to direct attention to new proposals and topics requiring attention - based around compelling proposals and/or themes.

As we seek to address issues of AI-related governance, balancing the need for innovation, competition, and cooperation, while minimizing risks and undesirable societal consequences poses a daunting international challenge. The frameworks being developed together must accommodate input from the various stakeholders, function as a trusted good-faith broker, monitor developments, flag concerns and explore creative means to manage issues through engineering, ethics, and/or oversight. Any new international governance mechanism established is unlikely to have enforcement authority. Nevertheless, it can facilitate cooperation and light coordination between many stakeholders in the AI space.


Planning for ICGAI began four years ago. Our intention from the start was to create a forum for all stakeholders to participate. There was never any illusion that ICGAI would be the vehicle itself for effective international governance of AI. Over the succeeding years, other significant international initiatives have entered the AI governance space. Some are more inclusive than others.  In this changing AI governance landscape, our interests lie in stimulating cooperation, effective governance, and meaningful inclusivity as we collectively navigate the challenges posed by emerging technologies.


Thus, the ICGAI virtual event/speaker series will focus on helping to bring a degree of cooperation between the various initiatives, as well as focus on proposals and topics that are not being effectively covered elsewhere. It is also worth noting that the primary proposal that has grown out of the ICGAI initiative to date has been for a Global Governance Network for AI (GGN-AI). Click here to read an overview.


We will weave this idea of a new mechanism into the speaker series, as well as proposals for meaningful inclusivity, and managing system failures that were developed at other expert’s meetings in planning for ICGAI. but also wish to cover other topics of the greatest importance and/or urgency.  


The ICGAI focus is upon ensuring that a broadly inclusive, cooperative, trustworthy, robust and effective approach to the international governance of AI can be forged, and not upon where the various tasks fulfilled by that network are located.  We are hopeful that all parties can work together, and that ICGAI is viewed as a forum for cooperatively addressing daunting implementation challenges. As a first step, we are supporting the implementation of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation, and contributing to consultations on the proposal to create a multi-stakeholder advisory body for AI. 

It would be naive to assume the international community can achieve consensus on all issues. Nevertheless, shared values can be underscored, best practices highlighted, and differences debated. We seek to assist in those goals.

Event 1 Speakers
We will announce speakers for the other events in the ICGAI series soon. A much larger, equally extraordinary group of the world's leading AI, ethics, and governance thinkers and do-ers were participating in the original Prague event (click here for that list).
ICGAI advisors
Event 2: April 13, 2021.
Virtual Speaker Series. Event 2.
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